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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)DepartmentType
2012Old Hong Kong-themed cha chaan teng : memories and Hong Kong identityTsang, Hoi Ching Department of SociologyThesis
2007Online goes to offline : fostering cross-cultural interaction via virtual communityPan, Lai Kwan ; 彭麗君 Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2015Ordering effect in the interpretation of emotion symbols and content in online messagingHo, Ka Yan Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2016Overview of anti-speculation measures on Hong Kong housing marketNg, Ka Yee Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2008Parent-child relationship on optimismLam, Kit Wing. ; 林潔頴 Department of SociologyThesis
2019Parental accompaniment of Hikikomori: Development and recovery processSo, Wing Lai Rose Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013Path analysis of parenting styles, sense of self, and attribution stylesChan, Hoi-wing Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015The Path Analytic Models of 2 X 2 Classroom Goal Structures, Achievement Goals, Achievement Emotions and Self-regulated Learning of Hong Kong Undergraduates in their English StudyChim, Wai Man Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015The patriarchal superheroines : gender stereotypes in Whedon's The Avengers and Singer's X-MenYuen, Shun Fung Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2013Perceived parental control, filial piety and psychological well-being in Hong Kong Chinese adolescentsWong, Oi Lam Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013Perceived parenting style and coping styles influences on excessive gambling in Hong KongLau, Hin-long Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015Perceived quality of life (QOL) : the mediating effect of sense of mastery among people with mental illnessWong, Tsz Kin Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015Perception and decision factors of going facebook official among emerging adults in Hong KongNgai, Ka Ying Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015The perception of marriage among homosexuals in Hong Kong and its relationship with their identity development : a qualitative studyTang, Kar Man Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012The perception of marriage and family of the young people from the single parent familyLam, Tim Lok Department of Social WorkThesis
2014Perception of play : an explanatory study with Q-sort and Cluster analysis techniqueSo, Ka Chun Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015Perception of single sex education and its relationship with gender endorsement activities : a qualitative study on Hong Kong girls' schools' situationLai, Yan Hang Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013Perceptions from parents of children with autism in Hong Kong : an investigative phenomenological studyLi, Arthur Cheuk-man Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2014Personal beliefs and characteristics toward seeking psychological help : the implicit theoryWong, Wing Sze Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012Personality and participation in voluntary service and the level of resilience among undergraduatesNgo, Leung Oi Department of Social WorkThesis