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NameChinese NameResearch Interests
Dr. WANG Yi-Zhou, JoePsychodynamic psychotherapy, sandplay therapy; Information & communication technology in mental health; Mental wellbeing of people with mental disorders and their family caregivers
Prof. YU Kai Ching, Calvin余啟程教授Dreaming; Integration of Psychoanalytic and Neuroscientific Models of the Mind; Analytic Investigation and Assessment of Neurological and Psychiatric Patients
Dr. YUEN Wing Yan, WinniePositive Psychology; Health Psychology; Trauma-informed Care; Recovery-focused Mental Health Services; Strengths-based Intervention; Stigma towards People with Mental Illness and other Vulnerable Groups
Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth周德慧博士Early diagnosis and early intervention of children with SEN, Mental Health; Metaphor cognition, research of creativity and art; Narrative therapy