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Director, MSS in Play Therapy Programme
Director, Psychological Lab Studio of Art and Creativity
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Metaphor cognition, research of creativity and art
Narrative therapy
Early diagnosis and early intervention of children with SEN, Mental Health
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12020綜合朋輩支援成長小組手冊 (共八冊)周德慧博士 ; 趙雨龍 Research Report
22020Can we hit two birds with one stone: An effectiveness study of peer-support groups for low-income spousal and adult children caregivers of Hong Kong older adultsDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Hung, Suet-Lin ; Lo, Lee Ting Temmy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32020Outside-in or inside-out? A randomized controlled trial of two empowerment approaches for family caregivers of people with schizophreniaDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Chiu, Yu-Lung Marcus ; Lo, Tak-Lam William ; Lo, Wai-Fan Alison ; Wong, Siu Sing ; Luk, Kwok-Leung ; Leung, Chi-Hoi Tom ; Yu, Chui-Kam ; Chang, Yuk Sing Geoffrey Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42019家屬的故事: 精分劇場周德慧博士 ; 黃兆星 Book Chapter
52019心理成因的理論周德慧博士 ; 王正琪 Book Chapter
62019護航復元: 思覺失調的療癒Book
72019Promoting a deep understanding of clients, psychotherapy needs and clinical supervisionDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Kwok, Ho Ling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82018敘事實踐旅圖: 當我們繪出敘事實踐之圖洪雪蓮 ; 麥麗娥 ; 周德慧博士 ; 謝杰雄 ; 陳健權 ; 施少鳳 ; 鍾威文 ; 郭艷梅 Book
92018Improving cognitive and affective learning outcomes of students through mathematics instructional tasks of high cognitive demandNi, Yujing ; Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Cai, Jinfa ; Li, Xiaoqing ; Li, Qiong ; Sun, Iris X. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102017敘事實踐旅圖: 當我們走上敘事實踐之旅秦安琪 ; 施少鳳 ; 周德慧博士 ; 郭艷梅 ; 鄧紫筠 Book
112017家用敘事實踐周德慧博士 Book Chapter
122017Peer support program for Chinese low income mothers: An evaluation study and implications for practiceHung, Suet ; Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth Peer Reviewed Journal Article
132017Asset-based community mental health: An evidence-based support program by lay mental health ambassadorsChiu, Marcus Y. L. ; Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Tong, Anthony K. K. ; Tonsing, Kareen N. ; Yiu, Michael G. C. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142017Development and validation of the marital metaphor questionnaire (MMQ-10) for urban Chinese womenDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Chiu, Marcus Y. L. ; Chui, Wing-Yip Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152016A Hong Kong validation of working alliance inventory – short form – clientDr. HSU Si-won, Sharon ; Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
162014Changes in instructional tasks and their influence on classroom discourse in reformed mathematics classrooms of Chinese primary schoolsDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Ni, Yujing ; Li, Qiong ; Li, Xiaoqing Book Chapter
172014Relations of instructional tasks to teacher-student discourse in mathematics classrooms of Chinese primary schoolsDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Ni, Yujing ; Li, Xiaoqing ; Li, Qiong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
182013Single mothers or women in single parenthood (WISP)? A report and reflection on the development of a brief marital metaphor questionaire (MMQ-10)Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Chiu, Yu-Lung Marcus Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192013A functional approach to an early diagnosis and early intervention program for pre-school children with special educational needs in Hong KongProf. SUN Tien Lun, Catherine ; Dr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth ; Kwok ,Sin Hang, Helen ; Yu, Chun-yeung, Isaac ; Wong, Ka-Ying Shirley ; Lo, Man-Chung, Sonia Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202012婚姻觀與隱喻: 從隱喻角度看青年大學生的婚姻觀周德慧博士 Book Chapter

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