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NameChinese NameResearch Interests
Dr. NG Chi Ho, Mark伍志豪Digital and social media marketing; Chinese values and management; Consumer behavior in digital market; Marketing in China
Dr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly彭正敏Emotions in workplace, Emotional Intelligence; Career Development; Employment Relationship, Psychological Contract (Breach/ Violation); Stress, Burnout and Coping; Indigenous Research, Guanxi
Dr. SHEN Na, NellFamily Business; Consumer finance; Corporate finance
Dr. WONG Chi Bo, Brian王志寶博士Strategic impacts of information systems and technology; Factors affecting technological adoption; E-Commerce; Factors affecting customer satisfaction and loyalty
Dr. ZHANG Yingxuan, CynthiaGame Theory; Quantitative Methods; Operations Research; Statistics; Urban Studies and Environmental Management; Business Mathematics
Dr. ZHOU Qiang周強Supply chain management; Business analytics; Enterprise systems; Supply chain finance