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TitleDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Quality transition strategies facilitating the transition from teenage to adulthood for persons with intellectual disabilities and their family carers = 協助智障青少年過渡至成人就業服務的優質策略研究Department of Social WorkDr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty2022-2023
Re-imagining old-time brand business in present-day Guangzhou, China: A relational work perspective = 重新理解今日的廣州老字號: 關聯營造的視角Department of SociologyDr. GAO Chong2017
Recent development in theoretical and applied econometrics analysis = 計量經濟學分析理論與應用的最新發展Department of Economics and FinanceDr. YUEN Wai Kee, Thomas2018/19
Religion and Community Development in Hong Kong - Teaching Support and Development ProgrammeDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Research on The Fukien Culture in Hong KongDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Research/Study and Drawing up Practical Guides on Good People Management Practices to promote Family Friendly Employment in the Catering IndustryDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2014
Restorative Justice: an interdisciplinary research and application of theories on psychology and social neuroscience in the criminal justice processDepartment of Applied Data ScienceDr. LUI Chit Ying, Wendy2021-2022
Reviewing digital technology-driven marketing communications and future research directions: A cross-disciplinary dialogue between academics and practitioners = 數碼營銷傳播的回顧及未來研究方向: 學界與業界的跨學科對談Department of Journalism & CommunicationDr. TONG Suk Chong, Crispy2023-2024
Revisiting public relations functions and values in the digital era = 探討數碼年代公共關係的功能和價值Department of Journalism & CommunicationDr. TONG Suk Chong, Crispy2016-2017
Risk yet to be socially realized: Light Pollution in Hong KongDepartment of English Language and LiteratureDr. LAM Yee Man2015
Service review for Forget Thee Not personalized funeral and home palliative care supportDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo2019-2020
Settlement towns built on the north-eastern steppe of Inner Mongolia during Khitan-Liao and their impact on Chinese history: A new inquiry on Touxia = 契丹-遼王朝建立在內蒙古東北草原上的定居城鎮及其對中國歷史的影響:對「投下」的新探究Department of Chinese Language and LiteratureProf. YANG Ruowei2022-2023
Shifting Strategies and Coalition Dynamics of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Hong Kong: The Role of Perceived Opportunities and Threats = 香港民主運動的策略與聯盟變化:感知政治機會與威脅的角色Department of SociologyDr. LI Hang2019-2020
Spurious moderated mediation effect: A methodological remedy = 虛假調解中介效應: 排除方法的探討Department of Counselling & PsychologyNG Chi Kit, Jacky2020-2021
State of the art research in artificial intelligence and ubiquitous city = 人工智能和無處不在的智慧城市最新研究Department of Economics and FinanceDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2019-2020
Stress-Buffering Effects of Coping Strategies and Social Supports on Psychological Distress: A Longitudinal Panel Study of the Antecedents of Problematic Social Media Use = 應對策略及社會支援的中介作用: 一項與社交媒體「問題使用」成因的縱向研究Department of Applied Data ScienceProf. LEUNG Wing Chi, Louis2020-2021
Student Acceptance and Continuance of Learning Management System Usage: A School-based Longitudinal StudyDepartment of Counselling & Psychology2014-2016
A Study of Funeral Culture in Hong KongDepartment of HistoryDr. CHAU Chi Fung2015
A study of the Hong Kong colonial government's policy to Chinese burials (1945-1997) = 港英殖民政府對華人殯葬政策的研究(1945-1997)Department of HistoryDr. CHAU Chi Fung2021-2022
A study on "civic values and engagement of 'post-90s' in Hong Kong" = 香港"九十後"的公民價值及參與研究Chiu, Stephen W. K.