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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Child Law in Greater ChinaHong Kong Shue Yan University25-06-201125-06-2011Forum
Civil Disobedience and JusticeHong Kong Shue Yan University07-09-201512-09-2015Lecture
Contemproary Buddhism and Chinese Societies: a RoundtableHong Kong Shue Yan University03-04-201204-04-2012Conference
Cross Border Family Law Conference (Hong Kong and Mainland China)Hong Kong Shue Yan University15-04-201116-04-2011Conference
Dr.Chung Chi-Yung Distinguished Lecture 2015-201611-12-201511-12-2015Lecture
Dr.Chung Distinguished Lectures (2014 FALL)Hong Kong Shue Yan University13-09-201416-09-2014Lecture
Dr.Hu Distinguished Lectures (Fall Series)Hong Kong Shue Yan University02-09-201310-09-2013Lecture
Dr.Hu Distinguished Lectures (Spring Series)Hong Kong Shue Yan University05-02-201412-02-2014Lecture
From Marriage to Human Rights…from the W Case to Future Possible LegislationHong Kong Shue Yan University30-06-201430-06-2014Conference
Inter Pacific Bar Association (IPBA) Annual Conference 2015Hong Kong Shue Yan University06-05-201509-05-2015Conference
Modern Negotiation and Ancient WisdomHong Kong Shue Yan University01-10-201302-10-2013Symposium
Occasional Lectures – “Why do we have to study Chinese Legal History”Hong Kong Shue Yan University01-01-201101-01-2011Lecture
Occasional Lectures – “中國法制的發展”香港樹仁大學12-10-201212-10-2012Lecture
Paul K C Chung Distinguished Lectures on Jurisprudence – “From Rites to Realities, and Back Again: The Televised Spectacle of Human Rights in The Hunger Games”Hong Kong Shue Yan University12-06-201512-06-2015Lecture
Research Lecture Series – Two Lectures on Mediation, Lecture 1 Title: “Choosing Suitable Mediation Tools and Achieving Results”; Lecture 2 Title: “Into the Breach: Ethics and Decision-making in a Real and Virtual World”Auditorium, Business Environment Council Building09-05-201709-05-2017Lecture
Talk – Learning About Law in Australia – Why Hong Kong and Australia are Both Great Places to BeHong Kong Shue Yan University09-04-201009-04-2010
Talk – Reforming directors’ duties: the UK Companies Act 2006Hong Kong Shue Yan University31-03-201131-03-2011
The World Chinese Legal Philosophy Summit 2013Hong Kong Shue Yan University29-06-201330-06-2013Conference
大中華法哲學發展: 跨越全球化及本地化香港樹仁大學圖書館大樓國際會議中心06-11-200808-11-2008