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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
UA Summit 2016Dublin, Ireland08-11-201611-11-2016Summit
UNCITRAL-UM Joint Conference 201712-12-201713-12-2017Conference
Unconventional Monetary Policy and U.S. Housing Markets Dynamics27-10-201527-10-2015Workshop
Use of Participatory Methods in EvaluationRLB 502, Research Complex, HKSYU05-06-201905-06-2019Workshop
Valencia Forum: a scientific forum held by International Association of Gerontology01-04-200204-04-2002
Waiting for Post-colonialism, StillHong Kong Shue Yan University22-11-201322-11-2013Seminar
Weekly Assembly : Title – “The Rise Of Huffington Post And What It Takes To Be A Successful Online News Editor”Hong Kong Shue Yan University13-12-201213-12-2012Weekly Assembly
Workshop on Chinese Lexical Semantics
Workshop on Exploring the Multi-Disciplinary Nature of MediationRoom 302, Low Block, Research Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University21-04-201721-04-2017Research Workshop
Workshop on Religion in China: Space, Money, and Heritage707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University03-12-200903-12-2009Workshop
The World Chinese Legal Philosophy Summit 2013Hong Kong Shue Yan University29-06-201330-06-2013Conference
WPA World Congress of Psychiatry 200728-11-200702-12-2007
WPA World Congress of Psychiatry 200901-04-200904-04-2009
XXIX International Congress of Psychology
XXV International Congress of Applied Psychology
一帶一路與東南亞國際學術研討會 = The 1st International Penang Forum, The Belt & Road Initiative and Southeast Asia馬來西亞, 檳城24-03-201726-03-2017Conference
世貿組織需要中國, 中國需要世貿組織香港樹仁學院02-03-199903-03-1999