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Title: Evaluation checklist for English language teaching and learning for health science professionals
Authors: Dr. DOS SANTOS Luis Miguel, Louis 
Issue Date: 2019
Source: World Transactions Engineering and Technology Education, 2019, Vol. 17(4), pp. 431-436.
Journal: World Transactions on Engineering and Technology Education 
Abstract: English language learning is important for health science professionals. At present, for health science professionals who study English for specific purposes (ESP), many teaching and learning materials are available for various types of learner, language speaker, specialisation and even geographic region. However, how to locate the appropriate teaching and learning material is a challenging question. Therefore, it is vital that appropriate checklists and evaluation tools are found. For this study, a checklist for textbook evaluation was the instrument by which to investigate a contemporary ESP textbook in use at a health facility in the Republic of Korea. Two directions have emerged from the results of the study: first, the applications to which potential readers may put the teaching and learning material evaluation checklist; and second, identification of a potential textbook that may meet the needs of health science professionals in the East Asian region.
Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Article
ISSN: 1446-2257
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