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dc.contributor.authorDr. FONG Fu-fai, Steveen_US
dc.identifier.citationChina Journal of Social Work, 2014, vol. 7(1), pp. 14-25.en_US
dc.description.abstractPersons with schizophrenia are believed to have a higher risk for criminal offending, especially for violent offences. Offending behaviour among schizophrenics is mediated by a variety of factors such as substance abuse and clinical symptoms. However, existing studies have failed to identify the association between those mediating factors and particular types of offence. This study examines the association between substance abuse, clinical symptoms and different types of offences among persons with schizophrenia. Three hundred and sixty eight case files of residents diagnosed with schizophrenia in four psychiatric halfway houses in Hong Kong were reviewed. Substance abuse, but not clinical symptoms, was associated with general conviction rate. Violent-related offences were found to be positively associated with paranoid delusion; persons with common thought disorders, negative symptoms and who abused substances were more likely to commit property crimes. The causes and mediating factors of various offences were different. It is concluded that attention should be given to the recent mental status, clinical symptoms and social condition in studying the offending behaviours of persons with schizophrenia. 患有精神分裂症的人被认为有较高风险从事刑事犯罪,尤其是暴力罪行。精神分裂症患者的犯罪行为受多种因素影响,例如药物滥用和临床症状。然而,现有的研究未能确立影响因素和个别犯罪种类之间的关系。本文探讨精神分裂症患者的各类犯罪跟药物滥用和临床症状之间的关联。研究检视了三百六十八位居于香港四间精神病中途宿舍的精神分裂症患者的个案,并发现药物滥用与一般定罪率有关,而临床症状则不然。研究亦发现暴力罪行与偏执妄想有正关联;有思维障碍、负面症状和滥用药物的人则有较高可能进行财产犯罪。各种的犯罪原因和影响因素都不同。总而言之,在了解精神分裂症患者的犯罪行为时,应注意他们的近期精神状况、临床症状和社会条件。en_US
dc.relation.ispartofChina Journal of Social Worken_US
dc.titleOffending behaviours of persons with schizophrenia: A case review of psychiatric halfway houses in Hong Kongen_US
dc.typePeer Reviewed Journal Articleen_US
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