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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2022The affect-proactive performance link and its reciprocal process: a hedonic contingency theory perspectiveDr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly ; Huang, Guohua Emily Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2023Abatement technology innovation and pollution tax design: A dynamic analysis in monopolyLi, Shoude ; Zhang, Ying-Xuan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022The impact of cross-functional coordination on customer coordination and operational performance: An information processing viewLi, Siyu ; Wang, Kedi ; Huo, Baofeng ; Zhao, Xiande ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022Determinants of smartphone brand switching intention of consumers in Hong KongDr. NG Chi Ho, Mark ; Dr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica ; Lin, Kevin Ka-fu Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2023Moving forward: Diverse conceptual and theoretical perspectives to advance career proactivity researchJiang, Zhou ; Wu, Chia-Huei ; Wang, Ying ; Dr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly ; Li, Wanlu Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2011Design of Affectively Evocative Smart Ambient Media for LearningKwok, Ron, Chi-Wai ; Cheng, Shuk Han ; Ho-Shing Ip, Horace ; Dr. KONG S. L., Joseph Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2012The Effects of Peer Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation on MMOG Game-Based Collaborative LearningDr. KONG S. L., Joseph ; Kwok, Ron Chi-Wai ; Fang, Yulin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022Should we stop using the label of "paternalistic leadership"? Evidence from three Chinese samplesWong, Chi-Sum ; Lan, Junbang ; Dr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly ; Lun, Joyce Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022The combined effects of positive and negative affect on job satisfaction and counterproductive work behaviorLan, Junbang ; Mao, Yina ; Dr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly ; Wang, Yong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022The impact of corporate social responsibility expectations on purchase intention of social enterprise productsDr. NG Chi Ho, Mark Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022Do enterprise systems necessarily lead to innovation? Identifying the missing links with a moderated mediation modelDr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Dr. ZHOU Qiang ; Lowry, Paul Benjamin ; Wang, Yi Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Comparing the self- and external assessment versions of the HCL-33 as screening instruments for bipolar disorder in older depressed patientsZhang, Xinqiao ; Li, Wen ; Zhao, Na ; Jin, Yu ; Cheung, Teris ; Ungvari, Gabor S. ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Wang, Gang ; Xiang, Yu-Tao ; Angst, Jules Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Reliability and validity of the quick inventory of depressive symptomatology-self-report scale in older adults with depressive symptomsLiu, Rui ; Wang, Fei ; Liu, Shou ; Zhang, Qinge ; Feng, Yuan ; Sim, Kang ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Lin, Jing-Xia ; Ungvari, Gabor S. ; Xiang, Yu-Tao Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2022From "personal" to "interpersonal": A multilevel approach to uncovering the relationship between job satisfaction and knowledge sharing among IT professionalsLei, Yang ; Dr. ZHOU Qiang ; Ren, Jifan ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Market reaction to the announcement of online sales channel investment in enterprises: Evidence from a relatively stable market environmentLei, Yang ; Dr. ZHOU Qiang ; Cheung, Waiman ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Peng, Ling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2021Unwilling to leave the good Samaritans: How peer interpersonal-oriented citizenship behaviors retains "me"Dr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly ; Chen, Zhijun ; Zhang, Iris D. ; Li, Jinsong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020The effects of bidder factors on online bidding strategies: A motivation-opportunity-ability (MOA) modelDr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Lai, Vincent S. ; Lowry, Paul Benjamin ; Lei, Yang Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2020Prevalence of poor sleep quality in nursing staff: A meta-analysis of observational studiesZeng, Liang-Nan ; Yang, Yuan ; Wang, Chen ; Li, Xiao-Hong ; Xiang, Yi-Fan ; Hall, Brian J. ; Ungvari, Gabor S. ; Li, Chun-Yang ; Chen, Chao ; Chen, Li-Gang ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; An, Feng-Rong ; Xiang, Yu-Tao Peer Reviewed Journal Article
2019The effects of habit and attitude on Facebook usageDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica Conference Paper
2020Continuance intention to use Facebook: Understanding the roles of attitude and habitDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica Peer Reviewed Journal Article
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 218