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Title: The curriculum design in design education: An inquiry of challenges and implications in Hong Kong
Authors: Lam, Yan Yan 
Dr. LAU Kung Wong, Nick 
Issue Date: Apr-2024
Source: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education, Apr. 2024, vol. 23(1), pp. 69-83.
Journal: Art, Design & Communication in Higher Education 
Abstract: The prime purpose of design education is to nurture young people and develop their artistic and scientific personalities, skills and talents. By its very nature, professional training in design is fully committed to the education and training of the creative workforce required by creative industries. It is crucial for design educators to devise and formulate relevant, responsive and quality programmes with an emphasis on sustainability at all levels of design education. It is notable that the world economy has become increasingly sophisticated. Design is a value-added component in various sectors. Design students equipped with multiple skills and capable of managing simultaneous tasks are crucial to the creative industries in this challenging world economy. This research is going to trigger further discussion and reflection among design curriculum developers, academics and policy-makers. It can also discuss the use of a total curriculum and participatory curriculum development approach to design education to provide our new design generations with a broader curriculum and learning approach for the knowledge-based economy.
Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Article
ISSN: 1474-273X
DOI: 10.1386/adch_00085_1
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