Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace

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Senior Lecturer
Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace
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Research Interests
Domestic violence
Marital relationship
Parent-child relationship
Mental health and well-being
Social impact and social capital assessment
Men's psychology
Social work education
Tsang, W. H. W.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12022Social workers' acceptance of information and communication technology (ICT) in practice during COVID-19: Search for embracing ethical considerations in Hong KongDr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace ; Dr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty ; Cheung, Chun-Sing Johnson ; Wong, Yee-Wan Evan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22021Chinese Male Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Three-Pillar Approach to Analyze Men's Delayed Help-Seeking DecisionsDr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace ; Chan, T. M. Simon ; Cheung, Monit Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32021Intervention research on children's free play: Parents' perspectiveDr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace ; CHEUNG, Chun-sing, Johnson ; YUEN De-ming Research Report
42021Golden opportunities for resolving students' emotional disturbance in learning social work values: A 3Ps approach in fieldwork practicumDr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty ; Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace ; Wong, Yee-Wan Evan ; Sing, Lai Hung ; Cheung, Chun-Sing Johnson Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52018Disclosure of victimization experiences of Chinese male survivors of intimate partner abuseChan, TM, Simon ; Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62016An exploratory study of help-seeking behaviour of Chinese male victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Hong KongDr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace Thesis
72015Do male victims of intimate partner violence (IPV) deserve help? Some reflections based on a systematic review.Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82013我想做個好爸爸 - 重建男性婚姻施虐者與下一代之關係Dr. TSANG Wai-hung, Wallace Book Chapter