Zhou, Jillian
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12020Comparing the efficacy of integrative body-mind-spirit intervention with cognitive behavioral therapy in patient-caregiver parallel groups for lung cancer patients using a randomized controlled trialDr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo ; Chow, Amy Y. M. ; Ng, Ting-Kin ; Fung, Yat-lui ; Lam, Tai-Chung ; So, Tsz-Him ; Chan, Jessie S. M. ; Chan, Celia H. Y. ; Zhou, Jillian ; Tam, Michelle Y. J. ; Tsang, Miu Wah ; Cheng, Nikki S. Y. ; Lim, Polly F. M. ; Chow, Sau Fong ; Chan, Cecilia L. W. ; Wong, Daniel F. K. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22018Facing death alone or together? Investigating the interdependence of death anxiety, dysfunctional attitudes, and quality of life in patientā€caregiver dyads confronting lung cancerDr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo ; Wong, Daniel F. K. ; Fung, Y.L. ; Zhou, Jillian ; Chan, Cecilia Lai Wai ; Chow, Amy Y.M. Peer Reviewed Journal Article