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YIP Chi Yan, Toby
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023一對探索的心在獨舞葉智仁 Other Article
22022Towards personal recovery and meaningful life: Intervention insights from a study on the traumatic experience of Chinese people with schizophreniaDr. FUNG Wing Fun, Josephine ; YIP Chi Yan, Toby ; Dr. LO Kai Yeung, Kaiser Conference Paper
32022Wherever there is shadow, there is also light”: Towards an Adlerian approach of making life more meaningful through traumaYIP Chi Yan, Toby Conference Paper
42022延續的歡笑「躂」著火之後的考驗-《踢親你男友》觀後感葉智仁 Other Article
52021Chapitre 16. Travail décent et notion étendue du travail (ENOW), faire face aux challenges de l’orientation et du conseil au XXIe siècle : l’exemple du projet CLAP dans la communauté des jeunes NEETs de Hong KongWong, Victor ; Pouyaud, Jacques ; Su, Xuebing ; YIP Chi Yan, Toby Book Chapter
62021疫來不順受? 踢踢躂, 踏出舞者追夢的「了、得」葉智仁 Other Article
72021讓苦澀的當代舞劇《甩隙咔》甘脆葉智仁 Other Article
82021正向探索「新常態」的生涯勇氣葉智仁 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92021Zooming with, about, and for community: A concept paper on Service-Learning pedagogy in Social Work Courses adapting to the New NormalYIP Chi Yan, Toby Conference Paper
102021The courage to be a spiritual leader in the age of “new normal”: Alfred Adler reconsideredYIP Chi Yan, Toby Conference Paper
112020Social workers’ strategies for supporting career transition for disadvantaged girls with SEN: A Hong Kong case study of a class in digital drawingWong, Victor ; YIP Chi Yan, Toby Book Chapter
122020Promoting change: The "expanded notion of work" as a proactive response to the social justice issues in career development practiceWong, Victor ; YIP Chi Yan, Toby Book Chapter
132012Attributes of young consumers' favorite retail shops: A qualitative studyYIP Chi Yan, Toby ; Chan, Kara ; Poon, Evon Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142012Attitudes toward advertising by lawyer's among Hong Kong consumersChan, Kara ; Leung, Vivienne ; Tsang, Lennon ; YIP Chi Yan, Toby Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152010Click看聽i世代在數碼森林中的呼喚、連結與互動: 以電影《阿凡達》的敘事分析搭建反思的鷹架YIP Chi Yan, Toby Other Article