So, Georgina Y. K.
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12020Examining the moderating role of patient enablement on the relationship between health anxiety and psychosomatic distress: A cross-sectional study at a traditional Chinese medicine outpatient clinic in Hong KongChan, Celia H. Y. ; Dr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo ; Chan, Timothy H. Y. ; Leung, H. T. ; So, Georgina Y. K. ; Chan, Cecilia Lai Wai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22019Comparing the effectiveness of I-BMS-informed self-helf interventions in alleviating psychosocial distress for women awaiting the outcome of IVF treatmentChan, Celia H. Y. ; Dr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo ; Wong, Queenie S. ; Tam, Michelle Y. J. ; So, Georgina Y. K. ; Leung, H. T. ; Fung, Y. L. ; Chan, Cecilia L. W. ; Li, Raymond ; Ng, Ernest H. Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article