Feng, Yuan
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12021Reliability and validity of the quick inventory of depressive symptomatology-self-report scale in older adults with depressive symptomsLiu, Rui ; Wang, Fei ; Liu, Shou ; Zhang, Qinge ; Feng, Yuan ; Sim, Kang ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Lin, Jing-Xia ; Ungvari, Gabor S. ; Xiang, Yu-Tao Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22019The prevalence of depression in menopausal women in China: A meta-analysis of observational studiesZeng, Liangnan ; Yang, Yuan ; Feng, Yuan ; Dr. CUI Xiling, Celine ; Wang, Rixin ; Hall, Brian J. ; Ungvári, Gábor Sándor ; Chen, Ligang ; Xiang, Yu-Tao Peer Reviewed Journal Article