Dr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick

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Assistant Professor
Practicum Coordinator, MSS in Play Therapy Programme
Member, Play Therapy Research and Practice Laboratory
Dr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick
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Research Interests
Psychotherapy and Counselling
Systems Theory
Psychosis and Schizophrenia
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Enhancing physical affection between parents and children with special needsDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick ; Dr. CHUNG Man-chi, Sandrine ; Chan, Ka Hung Conference Paper
22022Instability and uncertainty are critical for psychotherapy: How the therapeutic alliance opens us upDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32019Reality is hierarchically organized: The recursive foundations of living systems and beyondDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Book Chapter
42019The gravity of objects: How affectively organized generative models influence perception and social behaviorDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52018Expected free energy formalizes conflict underlying defense in freudian psychoanalysisDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62017Hierarchical recursive organization and the free energy principle: From biological self-organization to the psychoanalytic mindDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick ; Vasi van Deventer Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72016The ego as a self-organising system: A systems theory perspective on Freud's energic metapsychologyDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Presentation
82013Recollected experiences of first hospitalisation for acute psychosis among persons diagnosed with schizophrenia in South AfricaDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick ; Zubi, Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92012The effects of post-traumatic stress disorders on child developmentDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick Presentation
102010Exploring postive countertransference in psychotherapy with psychotic patientsDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick ; Cain, Wendy Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112009The effects of trauma on child development: Children in South AfricaDr. CONNOLLY, J. Patrick ; Eagle, Gillian Book Chapter

(Principal Investigator)

Results 1-1 of 1

Results 1-1 of 1

NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
The 17th International Neuropsychoanalysis CongressMichigan Avenue, Chicago07-07-201610-07-2016