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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12017Developing information sharing model using cloud computing and smart devices for SMEs supply chain: A case in fashion retailDr. CHAN Chi On ; SZETO Wing Fu, Ricky ; Liu, Owen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22013A cooperative stochastic differential game of knowledge technology developmentProf. YEUNG Wing Kay, David ; Petrosyan, Leon A. ; SZETO Wing Fu, Ricky ; Dr. LAM Che Fai, Lubanski Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32008探索以靈性的進路建設中國的誠信道德林志輝 ; 司徒永富 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42006市場化下的中國關係文化及商業倫理司徒永富 Book Chapter
52005粤港經濟關係互為影響的實證分析Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; 林志輝 Working Paper
62003全球化與中國商業倫理李樹甘博士 ; 司徒永富 ; 蔡啟恩 Conference Paper
72000Guanxi and professional conduct in China: A management development perspectiveWright, Philip ; SZETO Wing Fu, Ricky ; Cheng T. W. Louis Working Paper


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