Dr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018An investigation of weak ontology for new media studiesDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward Conference Paper
22018A study of semiotics: An investigation of the use of signs and symbols to provide positive shopping experience in a cashier-less storeDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward ; Wong, Steven K. H. Conference Paper
32018An exploration of domain-dependent design theories for the designing of advertising functions and contents on new mediaDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward Conference Paper
42018Towards a generalization of new mediaDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward Conference Paper
52018A study of rules, structures, features, and biases in the new media for digital advertising for the development of new media ontologyDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward ; Chan, Ada Yan Tung ; Chan, Rachel Chin Yee Conference Paper
62016Tackling design fixation of cultural product designers through homeomorphismDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward Conference Paper
72013Conceptual recombination: A method for producing exploratory and transformational creativity in creative worksDr. HUNG Chor Kin, Edward ; Choy, S.T. Clifford Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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