Dr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina

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Corporate governance
Investor protection
Internal control
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018Tunneling and value relevance of financial reports: Evidence from Hong KongDr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina ; Dr. LEE Hua Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22017How controlling shareholders tunnel under a strong legal system: A Hong Kong caseDr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32015Confusion over accounting conservatism: A critical reviewDr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42012Reporting incentives for accounting conservatism, evidence from asset and equity tunnellingDr. XIE Yuying, Sabrina ; Zheng, Liu ; Lau, H. L. Amy Peer Reviewed Journal Article