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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12023Corpus- assisted translation learning: Attitudes and perceptions of novice translation studentsDr. LIU Jianwen, Kacey ; Su, Yanfang ; Dr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Book Chapter
22020Translation Criticism from the Perspective of Eco-translation: A Comparison of Two Chinese Translations of Jack London’s Love of LifeDr. LIU Jianwen, Kacey ; Dr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Peer Reviewed Journal Article
39-Apr-2015Corpus-based studies of formulaic language in translation: Practical applications and pedagogical implicationsDr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Presentation
42015Investigating corpus-assisted translation teaching: A pilot studyDr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Book Chapter
52014The application of corpora in translation teaching: A critical reviewDr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62011Translation style and ideology: A corpus-assisted analysis of two English translations of HongloumengDr. LIU Kanglong, Sam ; Li, Defeng ; Zhang, Chunling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72009《語料庫使用與翻譯》評介Dr. LIU Kanglong, Sam Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82006語料庫語言學與翻譯研究Dr. LIU Kanglong, Sam ; Mu, Lei Peer Reviewed Journal Article

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