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Prof. HU Yao Su
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12020The impact of increasing returns on knowledge and big data: From Adam Smith and Allyn Young to the age of machine learning and digital platformsProf. HU Yao Su Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22000再創中國經濟奇迹Conference Proceedings
32000中國經濟改革與社會結構調整Conference Proceedings
41999The Asian crisis and the EU's global responsibilitiesProf. HU Yao Su Book
51998China's economic reforms and transformations in social structures: Some conceptual issuesProf. HU Yao Su Book Chapter
61998Europe and emerging AsiaProf. HU Yao Su ; Maitland, Donald Book
71998中國經濟開放與社會結構變遷Conference Proceedings
81995Sun Tzu Ping Fa and its relevance to contemporary management: An introductionProf. HU Yao Su ; Pierre Berthon Working Paper
91995The international operations of national firms and competitor advantageProf. HU Yao Su Working Paper
101992Global or stateless corporations are national firms with international operationsProf. HU Yao Su Peer Reviewed Journal Article
111989Banking and the promotion of technological developmentProf. HU Yao Su ; Nicolas Jequier Book
121984Industrial banking and special credit institutions: A comparative studyProf. HU Yao Su Book
131981Europe under stress: Convergence and divergence in the European communityProf. HU Yao Su Book
14Jun-1974The industrial economics of Britain's entry into the E.E.C.: A framework for analysing the dynamic effectsProf. HU Yao Su Peer Reviewed Journal Article
151971Industry and Europe: An introduction to the industrial potential of common market membershipProf. HU Yao Su ; Christopher Layton ; Michael Whitehead Book

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Memories and Heritage in AsiaHong Kong Shue Yan University16-03-201516-03-2015Workshop
International Conference on Sustainable Conservation and Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Japan and China: Comparative Studies and Cross-Sectoral DialogueHong Kong Shue Yan University25-11-201327-11-2013Conference