Department of Applied Data Science

Message from the Department Head
Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data is the new “global currency” of the 21st century, and its dramatic rise is transforming entire industries and driving the demand for practitioners who can wield its power. With better connectivity and more powerful computational technologies, data analytics enables businesses to draw sharper insights into their customers and operations. It can make businesses smarter, more productive and more competitive, thereby powering economic growth.
With constant advances in technology and the rising importance of data to a wide range of fields, data scientists are exceptionally high in demand. From marketing and finance to health care, entertainment, journalism, cybersecurity and beyond, the need for data scientists continues to grow in tandem with career advancement opportunities within the big data field. To respond to this market demand, the Department of Applied Data Science at Hong Kong Shue Yan University (HKSYU) offers the Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Data Science (BSc-ADS) from September 2022. (upon approval by Executive Council)
Unlike other data science training programmes that primarily focus on big data analytics applications in business, engineering, and healthcare, BSc-ADS aims to equip graduates with cross-disciplinary knowledge in business applications and liberal arts. The programme also prepares students with the technical know-how to explore, capture, process, and interpret large volumes of social data to uncover knowledge, especially in humanities and social science. The newly launched BSc-ADS programme is part of the HKSYU’s goals in “Reinventing Liberal Arts Education” for the digital era.
Founded in 2020, the Department of Applied Data Science is situated within the Faculty of Social Science in HKSYU. Graduates will build expertise in three core areas of knowledge in applied data science (namely business analytics, digital humanities, and data visualization) while learning key statistics and data analytics skills.
In 2020, with the generous donation from the iFREE GROUP and a government matching fund amount to HK$40 million, HKSYU established the iFREE Innovation and Research Centre. The Centre consists of several research laboratories (including the Big Data Lab, the Virtual Reality Lab, the Social Robotics and Digital Living Lab, and the Innovation Incubation Hub). These facilities will support multidisciplinary teaching and research, broaden our research agenda, and cultivate a community of researchers who can conduct both liberal arts and technology-related research.
The Department continues to recruit the highest-quality faculty and students and dedicate our attention and resources to producing leaders of the field for the next generation to work on some of the most exciting and relevant data problems of the day.
I hope you will join us!
Department of Applied Data Science