Department of Social Work

Since its establishment in 1971, the Department of Social Work has matured from providing Higher Diploma programme prior 2002 to Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programme for over a decade. The graduates with BSW can register as social workers immediately after graduation. Over 450 competent social workers are now serving in the fields of youth, family, the elderly, the rehabilitation and health area. The majority are contributing their service in many NGO settings, some in schools, hospitals and in the labour field.

There are two unique features in our four years training and formation period. Student are given opportunities in three field work placements to become solid, competent and generalist practitioners, able to perform independently as well as taking the role of co-operators and leaders in teamwork. Another unique feature is that each student has to select a research theme and apply research knowledge to complete an honours research project. Through this experience, all practitioners are trained to be keen in observation and use the pool of knowledge to build on their own professional niche.

We aim at these two pronged strategies to train students to become competent practitioner and researcher. And we look forward to start graduate programme in Social Work in the near future.

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