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NameChinese NameTitle
BUT Chor Fai, Joshua畢礎暉Lecturer
CHENG YAT Yue, Leo鄭逸宇Professional consultant
CHEUNG Chung Wah, Paul張仲華Editor-at-large; Lecturer
KWOK Mei Mei, Mimi郭美美Senior Lecturer; Advertising Stream Leader
Dr. LAM Sui Ki, Anthony林瑞琪博士Assistant Professor
Dr. LAM Wun Sum林援森博士Assistant Professor; Associate Head of Department; Journalism Stream Leader
Dr. LEE Ka Man, Kaman李家文博士Coordinator (External Affairs of University); Head of Department; Associate Professor of Practice
LI Xiaojin, Jenny李曉瑾Lecturer
Dr. LIANG Jingwen梁靖雯博士Assistant Professor
SO Kai Chi, Edgar蘇啟智Associate Professor of Practice; Associate Head of Department; Audio Visual Production Stream Leader
Dr. TONG Suk Chong, Crispy唐淑莊博士Public Relations Stream Leader; Assistant Professor
Dr. TSUI Tung, Keith徐東博士Assistant Professor
WAN Kwok Fai尹國輝Associate Head Data Analytics and Survey Research Center; Senior Lecturer
Dr. WONG Chung Ming, Peter黃仲鳴博士Professor of Practice