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120111949-1978的中國經濟發展黃嘉康博士 Book Chapter
220191950年代香港中西醫文化匯流討論及爭議蔡思行博士 Presentation
320181950至1970年代香港民間兩性關係蔡思行博士 Presentation
420111978年以後的改革開放區志堅博士 Book Chapter
52014200年日本史: 德川以來的近代化進程李朝津教授 Book
62021An assessment of heavy metal contamination in the marine soil/sediment of Coles Bay Area, Svalbard, and Greater Bay Area, China: A baseline survey from a rapidly developing bayLeung, Ho Man ; Cheung, Kwai Chung ; Dr. AU Chi Kin ; Yung, Ken Kin Lam ; Li, Wai Chin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
71999Book review: America’s wars in Asia: A cultural approach to history and memoryProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
82013Book review: China's Christian Colleges: Cross-cultural connections, 1900-1950Dr. PANG Suk Man Book Review
91997Book review: China's foreign economic policyProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
10May-2004Book review: China: Inventing the nationProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
1122-Jun-2015Book review: Forgotten ally: China’s World War II, 1937-1945Prof. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
12Dec-2015Book review: Mobile horizons: Dynamics across the Taiwan StraitProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
132010Book review: Public success, private sorrow: The life and times of Charles Henry Brewitt-Taylor (1857-1938), China customs commissioner and pioneer translator蔡思行博士 Book Review
142007Book review: The educational history of MacauProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
151997Book review: The Taiwan-China connection: Democracy and development across the Taiwan StraitsProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Review
162014Book review: Western daughters in Eastern lands: British missionary women in AsiaDr. PANG Suk Man Book Review
172018A China-based EV corporation: The rise of the first-moverDr. LEE Bernard ; Dr. AU Chi Kin Other Article
182020A Chinese Christian intellectual: Theodore Hsi-en Chen (1902-1991)Dr. PANG Suk Man Peer Reviewed Journal Article
192006The Cultural Revolution and its impact on the fourth generation of the communist leadershipProf. WEI Chuxiong Peer Reviewed Journal Article
202002A cultural search for national identity: The evolution of the nationalism of TaiwanProf. WEI Chuxiong Book Chapter