Department of English Language and Literature

The English Department at Shue Yan is unique in its programme design. In its integration of the four streams--namely literary studies, linguistics, translation and cultural studies--the department offers courses right at the interface of these areas or fields, thus emphasizing an Interdisciplinary approach.

The general aim of such a design is for both teachers and students to be creative in their acquisition of knowledge(s) between, say, science and humanities, social sciences and philosophy, language and literature, print culture and media culture, literature and the visual arts, ecology and cinema. Consequently, students will discover the range and relevance of a wide variety of cultural texts, from Japanese manga and anime to shopping malls, video games, TV drama series and films.

For some time now, the English Department has also offered a taught master programme which follows the lead of its undergraduate programme in its pursuit of interdisciplinarity and in its objective of enabling students to confront multifarious cultural challenges more creatively. In the contemporary world, multiculturalism is the norm and interconnectedness pervades many academic programmes. This MA programme responds to this cross-disciplinary scene, particularly for those students who aspire towards advanced degrees, such as an MPhil and PhD.

Graduates from our programme are employed in an array of professions, ranging from administrative personnel to jobs in the creative industries. A significant number of them also pursue a higher degree in local and overseas postgraduate programmes.

Aims and Objectives
To strengthen productive skills in written and spoken English;
To provide broad educational exposure which encourages bilingual competence and multicultural sensitivity and development;
To stimulate intellectual growth through providing an educationally generalist programme;
To encourage student exploration of cultural heritages through critical analyses of English language and literatures in English;
To initiate students to adopt an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge in the hybrid, web-like and complex 21st century.
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