Department of Economics and Finance


“Integrity, Intellectual and Innovation”

The Department started its four years Honours Diploma Programme in Economics in 1977. The programme was restructured into four years BA (Hons) in Economics and Finance in January 2007. The new programme adopts a broad-based approach that concentrates on Economics and Finance and embraces Business and General Education to enable students to develop their careers, as well as their analytical skills and intellectual capabilities. In line with the mission of the University, the programme also emphasizes the preservation and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture. After completing the four-year BA (Hons) in Economics and Finance programme, students should be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:

  1. a comprehensive and critical understanding of the ideas, concepts, issues and schools of thought which are central to Economics;

  2. a comprehensive and critical understanding of finance theories, financial systems and institutions, the principles of corporate and international finance, and investment analysis;

  3. a comprehensive and critical understanding of the workings of the economies of Hong Kong, China, Asia-Pacific region, and the world;

  4. literacy, communication, numeracy and problem-solving skills, a capacity for critical thinking, and an open-minded attitude towards learning new things; and

  5. strong ethical values and a positive attitude towards life and a global outlook and a deep understanding of traditional Chinese values and culture.

In order to help students develop their career in the banking and finance industries, the Department cooperates with Hong Kong Institute of Bankers (HKIB) on dual qualifications arrangement. In particular, graduates who successfully complete all the Society’s requirements can obtain both a BA (Hons) degree from Shue Yan University and “Professional Diploma in Banking and Financial Services” from HKIB. The Department also works closely with University of Leicester (England) and University of Stirling (Scotland) by offering split-degree undergraduate programmes in Economics.  

The public has high regard for our quality graduates and the Department continues to enhance

  • students’ academic competence and professional integrity,

  • teaching and learning excellence and,

  • quality research.


Focusing on the study of the economic and financial environment of Hong Kong, Greater China, and the world, our programme has served the community and contributed to the development of the East Asia region.

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