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12017Combined effects of land reclamation, channel dredging upon the bioavailable concentration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in Victoria Harbour sediment, Hong KongChan, J. T. K. ; Leung, H. M. ; Yue, P. Y. K. ; Dr. AU Chi Kin ; Wong, Y. K. ; Cheung, K. C. ; Li, W. C. ; Yung, K. K. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22015Comparative assessment of water quality parameters of mariculture for fish production in Hong Kong watersLeung, H. M. ; Leung, S. K. S. ; Dr. AU Chi Kin ; Cheung, K. C. ; Wong, Y. K. ; Leung, A. O. W. ; Yung, K. K. L. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32022Evaluating seasonal variations of fecal coliform colonization in Magallana hongkongensis and Crassostrea rhizophorae: A preliminary study of oyster quality grown in Hong Kong aquacultural farmsLeung, Ho Man ; Sung, Ka Chun ; Peng, Xiao Ling ; Cheung, Kwai Chung ; Dr. AU Chi Kin ; Yung, Ken Kin Lam ; Li, Wai Chin Peer Reviewed Journal Article