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12022An action research exploring how to promote supervisor-trainees’ reflective competence in Guangdong, ChinaDr. CHUNG Yuet Kiu, Priscilla Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22016Book review: Shehui gongzuo shixi: Xuesheng ziwo xuexi zhinanMOK Wai Kit, Linda Book Review
32019An exploration of social work supervision in Mainland ChinaDr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42014Offending behaviours of persons with schizophrenia: A case review of psychiatric halfway houses in Hong KongDr. FONG Fu-fai, Steve Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52021Professional identity of social work students in Mainland China: Social work educator accountsDr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty ; Chan, Tak Mau Simon Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62020The role of research in drug policy in Hong Kong: Highlighting life satisfaction from two longitudinal studies of drug abusersProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah ; Lee, King-fai Peer Reviewed Journal Article