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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)DepartmentType
2017School adjustment : the correlation with parental acceptance-rejection, achievement emotion, academci achievement and self-esteem among Hong kong undergraduatesCheung, Yuen Man, Tiffany Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012Sci-Fi films and Hong Kong's cityscapeChan, Tsz Ka Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2012Self talking therapy integrated in meditation for individualsLei, Wai Wai, Wayley Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015The self-disclosure process of a positive HIV diagnosis in Hong Kong : a qualitative analysisLaw, Sin Wan Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012Sexual repression and sexual expressions in dreamCheung, Yin-ling, Melody Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015Shanghai : the Noah's Ark for the Jews during World War IILi, Yan Ying Department of HistoryThesis
2017Shopping excitement and satisfaction : the Pokemon Go effect鄭詠芝 Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2011Short message service (SMS) and modern love in Hong Kong黃亦婷 Department of SociologyThesis
2013SKOUT楊志浩 Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2013A slice of life : expats to Hong KongersCheung, Kai Hoi Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2011Social alienation of undergraduates in Hong Kong趙港生 Department of SociologyThesis
2013Social class and music in Hong Kong : difference in music preference and consumption between higher social class and lower social classMa, Wing To Department of SociologyThesis
2013Social media power : turning low budget Hong Kong films into top rank films of the yearChui, Tsz Wai, Cindy Department of Journalism & CommunicationThesis
2015Social network privacy settings and descriptive sevles : a case study of FacebookTong, Ka-man, Carmen Department of SociologyThesis
2020Songs of patriarchy : discussing relationship of women and plants in ShijingLai, Cheuk Nam, Kelly Thesis
2021Sounding the feelings [electronic resource] : hearing the affective dimension of bird songsTo, Hoi Ting HelenThesis
2013Spoofing culture on social networking sites and the underlying sociological meaningsWong, Nok Ki Department of SociologyThesis
2013Sport, can you bring me up in society?Kam, Chun Department of SociologyThesis
2014Stock market, banks and economic growth : panel evidence in Asia-PacificZhou, Zifang Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2018Stress management workshopChau, Ho Yi Thesis