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TitleDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Understanding the new solidarities and public roles of transnational Chinese Buddhist organizations by movement organization theory = 運動組織理論視角下的跨國中國佛教組織凝聚力和公共角色研究Department of SociologyDr. HUANG Weishan2022-2023
Understanding the Pillars of Hong Kong Economy – Tourism and Retail Sector – Interactive Learning ProgramDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2009
A unifying framework for structural efficiency measurement: Theories and applications = 結構效率測量的統一框架:理論與應用Department of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2021-2022
Untangling the Complexity of Customer Negative Brand Engagement in the Digital Era = 解構數碼時代中消費者對品牌的負面聯繫Department of Business AdministrationDr. NG Chi Ho, Mark2020-2021
Ving Tsun -- Martial arts in artificial intelligence = 詠春的虛擬境界Department of Journalism & CommunicationDr. LEE Ka Man, Kaman
Visual evoked potential in contour integration taskCognitive Psychology LaboratoryDr. LI Wang On, Alex
A Visual Platform for the Design, Implementation, and Analysis of Collaborative Business Simulation GamesDepartment of AccountingDr. ZHOU Qiang2015
Vocational identity, career development and graduate adjustment: A longitudinal study of sub-degree students in Hong Kong = 職業自我認同、生涯發展及畢業適應: 香港副學位學生的縱向研究Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHEUNG Wai Leung, Raysen2018/19
Willingness to share construction safety knowledge via Web 2.0, mobile apps and IoT = 建造業人員通過移動應用程式、網絡2.0和物聯網共享安全知識的意願Department of Economics and FinanceDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2017
Women employment and child care research projectDepartment of Business AdministrationDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2014
Women’s stressDepartment of Business AdministrationDr. LAW Chui Chui, Monica2012
Working with emotionally intelligent people: I am 'Energized to' be more proactive = 與高情緒智力的人共事: 為積極主動注入動力Department of Business AdministrationDr. PENG Zhengmin, Kelly2017
World Cultural Legacy of Macau : Dr. Sun Yat-sen's HospitalDepartment of HistoryProf. MO Shixiang2012
Youth gambling prevalence in online gaming and eSports environment research (in collaboration with Hong Kong children and youth services)Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2020-2021
Youth Identity Status and its Psychosocial Correlates: A Longitudinal Study in Hong Kong = 青年人自我認同型態與社會心理因素的關係:一項香港的縱貫性研究Department of SociologyProf. CHEUNG Yuet-Wah2020-2023
儀式、食物與社區凝聚——食盆故事研究及出版計劃 = Ritual, food and community cohesion - the story of Basin feast2021-2024
儒商典範: 田家炳先生研究及建立資料庫Department of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2019-2021