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TitleDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Chaozhou Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong KongDepartment of SociologyProf. CHAN Ching, Selina2012
Chaozhou Hungry Ghost Festival in Hong KongDepartment of SociologyProf. CHAN Ching, Selina2013
Chaozhou Hungry Ghosts Festival in Hong KongDepartment of SociologyProf. CHAN Ching, Selina2014
China and Globalization: Liberal Studies Teaching Reference Package (Tertiary Institutes)Department of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2011
China, Globalization and Liberal Education: Reference & Support Package for Teaching (Secondary Schools)Department of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2011
The Chinese diaspora of Southeast Asia and Hong KongDepartment of SociologyProf. HUI Yew-Foong2019-2022
Cinema and cinemagoing in early-twentieth-century Shanghai = 二十世紀早期上海的電影與觀影Department of HistoryProf. HE Qiliang2023-2024
Competitiveness of Youth in Hong KongDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2012
Comprehension of dyslexic childrenCognitive Psychology Laboratory
Constructing an Interdisciplinary Research Platform at Hong Kong Shue Yan UniversityUniversity ManagementDr. HU Fai Chung2015
Construction and validation of Chinese scale measuring statistics anxiety of university students = 建立和驗證華人大學生的統計焦慮量表Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. FU Wai2017/18
Construction safety index for skyscrapers in Hong Kong: A Multi-criteria decision-making approach = 多準則決策分析香港摩天大廈建造安全指數Sustainable Real Estate Research CenterDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2015
Counselling support for the social-emotional wellbeing of young people in Hong Kong: Developing a model of counsellor effectiveness = 針對香港青少年群體和情感健康的輔導支援: 發展有效的輔導員體系Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. HARRISON Mark G.2023-2024
Court news in the post-national security law Hong Kong: Examining the significance and journalistic roles, production, and contents of protests-/ politics-related court news = 後國安法時代的香港法庭新聞: 探討與示威和政治有關的法庭新聞的意義、新聞專業角色、新聞製作以及內容Department of Journalism & CommunicationDr. LEUNG Ka Kuen, Dennis2023-2024
Data analytics for quality reporting and effective auditingDepartment of AccountingDr. LEE Hua2020-2021
Developing and validating a parent-focused intervention to enhance the executive function skills of young Chinese children from low-income families = 發展及檢證一項以家長為中心的介入方式籍以增強華人低收入家庭幼童的執行功能技巧Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2017
Developing and Validating Cloud Intelligence Assessment System on Identification on Developmental Dyslexia of Chinese Language = 建立和驗證雲端智能中文讀寫障礙檢測系統Department of Applied Data ScienceYUEN Man-Ching, Connie2020-2021
Development and pilot test for an AI-based mobile app to act as speech language pathology robot for long-term treatment of Cantonese-speaking children with development speech sound disorders = 開發和試點測試人工智能的手機應用程式來擔當言語語言病理學機器人來長期治療患有發展性構音障礙的粵語兒童Department of Applied Data ScienceYUEN Man-Ching, Connie2021-2022
Development of E- Learning of “China and Gobalization”Department of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2014
Development of Enterprise Sustainability on Cloud Application in Fashion RetailsCHAN Chi On2013