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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
The 7th Annual Conference of The Asian Studies Association of Hong KongHong Kong Shue Yan University02-03-201203-03-2012Conference
As the Wind Blows and Dew Came Down: Ghost Stories and Collective Memory in Singapore21-03-200521-03-2005
Be the Hungry Ghost: Visual and Sensorial Methods for Researching Sacred SpacesRLG 303, HKSYU Research Complex06-04-201806-04-2018Seminar
Cinema Memory and Cultural Identity: Hong Kong Nostalgic Cinema22-02-200522-02-2005
Diversity in Hong Kong: Exploring the Ethnic, Cultural and Religious Dimensions707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University29-04-201629-04-2016Workshop
The Extended Family as a “White Lie”: Competing Family Ideals in Qing Taiwan Family Division Contracts14-03-201814-03-2018Seminar
Giant Pigs and Bling-Bling: The Uses of Technologies in Temple Festivals in Contemporary TaiwanHong Kong Shue Yan University17-09-201217-09-2012Seminar
International Conference on Sustainable Conservation and Use of Cultural and Natural Heritage in Japan and China: Comparative Studies and Cross-Sectoral DialogueHong Kong Shue Yan University25-11-201327-11-2013Conference
Making a Room of One's Own: Domestic Space and the Quest for Privacy in Rural North China31-10-200531-10-2005
Memories and Heritage in AsiaHong Kong Shue Yan University16-03-201516-03-2015Workshop
Negative History as Heritage and Political ResourceHong Kong Shue Yan University05-05-201005-05-2010Seminar
Seminar on fieldwork and interview skills: Yulan Festival in Hong Kong707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University16-08-201216-08-2012Seminar
Seminar on “How Chinese are you?: Chinese American adoptive parents and their children from China”24-05-201724-05-2017Seminar
Waiting for Post-colonialism, StillHong Kong Shue Yan University22-11-201322-11-2013Seminar
Workshop on Religion in China: Space, Money, and Heritage707, Library Complex, Hong Kong Shue Yan University03-12-200903-12-2009Workshop
世貿組織需要中國, 中國需要世貿組織香港樹仁學院02-03-199903-03-1999
專題講座 ─ 「宋王台與集體回憶」香港樹仁大學14-11-201114-11-2011Lecture