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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Talk – Learning About Law in Australia – Why Hong Kong and Australia are Both Great Places to BeHong Kong Shue Yan University09-04-201009-04-2010
Talk – Reforming directors’ duties: the UK Companies Act 2006Hong Kong Shue Yan University31-03-201131-03-2011
Talks on Experimental Research in Economics and Evidence-Based PracticeRLB 303, Research Complex, HKSYU22-01-201922-01-2019Lecture
Teaching Hong Kong, Hong Kong Teaching: A Hong Kong Studies SymposiumZoom04-12-2021
Terrorism and Global PoliticsHong Kong Shue Yan University04-12-200604-12-2006Lecture
The Value of Languages in Multicultural WorldOnline Streaming13-12-202115-12-2021
TOURIST 2nd Cross-border Conference - Sustainable Tourism Shaping Better FutureBangkok, Thailand20-07-202021-07-2020
"Towards a Holistic lntegration of PHAB 「傷健共融」之心靈無障礙” , PHAB 40th Anniversary ConferenceDuke of Windsor Social Service Building06-07-201207-07-2012Conference
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Basic & Advanced MethodologyRLG 307, Research Complex, HKSYU29-11-201830-11-2018Workshop
Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: Basic & Advanced Methodology (2 days workshop)RLG 307, Research Complex, HKSYU29-11-201830-11-2018Workshop
Transgender Rights ConferenceHong Kong Shue Yan University30-06-201430-06-2014Conference
Translating research evidence into practiceRLB 303, Research Complex, HKSYU21-12-201821-12-2018Workshop
Translation Studies in East Asia: Tradition, Transition and Transcendence 2021Zoom11-06-202112-06-2021
Treating adolescents with internet-relate addictionsRLB 303, Research Complex, HKSYU07-12-201807-12-2018Skill Lab
Treating individuals with mild post-traumatic distress symptomsRLB 303, Research Complex, HKSYU11-01-201811-01-2019Skill Lab
The Twenty-fifth Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ 2023)Sophia University01-07-202302-07-2023
UA Summit 2016Dublin, Ireland08-11-201611-11-2016Summit
UNCITRAL-UM Joint Conference 201712-12-201713-12-2017Conference
Unconventional Monetary Policy and U.S. Housing Markets Dynamics27-10-201527-10-2015Workshop
Unpacking the Complexity of Regulatory Governance in a Globalizing World ICGRG Conference 2019The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)04-07-201906-07-2019