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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Occasional Lectures – “Why do we have to study Chinese Legal History”Hong Kong Shue Yan University01-01-201101-01-2011Lecture
Occasional Lectures – “中國法制的發展”香港樹仁大學12-10-201212-10-2012Lecture
On Game Theoretic Strategic ThinkingRoom 101, Library Complex, Shue Yan University08-12-201508-12-2015Seminar
One Welfare World Conference 202115-09-202116-09-2021
OR65The Chancellors' Building, University of Bath12-09-202314-09-2023
Ottomans and Europe: Encounters and InteractionsHong Kong Shue Yan University28-10-201328-10-2013Seminar
Oxford Business & Economics Conference (OBEC) 201701-07-201702-07-2017Conference
Oxford Education Research Symposium 2013United Kingdom17-03-201320-03-2013
Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, PACIS 2023Nanchang, China08-07-202312-07-2023
Panel Parametric, Semi-parametric and Nonparametric Construction of CounterfactualsC/F, Library Complex16-04-201916-04-2019Seminar
Paul K C Chung Distinguished Lectures on Jurisprudence – “From Rites to Realities, and Back Again: The Televised Spectacle of Human Rights in The Hunger Games”Hong Kong Shue Yan University12-06-201512-06-2015Lecture
La Pomme de Terre: de la Renaissance au XXI e siècle : Histoire, Société, Économie, CultureFrance18-11-200820-11-2008
Positive Neuroscience: A Dialogue between Scientists and PractitionersRLG 502, HKSYU Research Complex26-04-201826-04-2018Seminar
Positive Neuroscience: Genes and Well-beingE0311, Jockey Club Campus, OUHKSeminar
Positive Technology International Conference 2023Tung Wah College, Hong Kong SAR, China27-06-202330-06-2023
Potential games and transportation modelsHong Kong Shue Yan University01-02-201801-02-2018Workshop
Poverty in Hong KongHong Kong Shue Yan University11-04-201211-04-2012Seminar
Practice in nonlinear co-integration and causality testsRLG 402, Research Complex, HKSYU10-06-201910-06-2019Workshop
Promoting One Health in a Challenging Era10-06-202111-06-2021
Psychology of Christian Faith 201611/F, Jockey Club Tower, Centennial Campus, The University of Hong Kong09-01-2016