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Dr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky
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Integration of Mediation and Moderation
Structural Equation Modeling
Multilevel Modeling
Cross-cultural Research Methodology
Ng, C. K.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12020Why are dispositional enviers not satisfied with their lives? An investigation of intrapersonal and interpersonal pathways among adolescents and young adultsDr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Lau, Victor C. Y. ; Chen, Sylvia Xiahua Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22019Unpacking the differential effects of dispositional envy on happiness among adolescents and young adults: The mediated moderation role of self-esteemDr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Cheung, Vince W. T. ; Lau, Victor C. Y. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
32019Latent moderation analysis: A factor score approachDr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Chan, Wai Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42019Unpacking structure-oriented cultural differences through a mediated moderation model: A tutorial with an empirical illustrationDr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Chan, Wai ; Kwan, Joyce Lok Yin Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52017Studying parental involvement and university access and choice: An 'interacting multiple capitals' modelGao, Fang ; Dr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62016Effects of dilemma type, language, and emotion arousal on utilitarian vs deontological choice to moral dilemmas in Chinese-English bilingualsChan, Yuen-Lai ; Gu, Xuan ; Dr. NG Chi Kit, Jacky ; Tse, Chi-Shing Peer Reviewed Journal Article