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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12019An investigation into the dynamic relationship between CPI and PPI: Evidence from the UK, France and GermanyDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Ng, Cho-yiu, Joe Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22018智慧城市的發展--改善觀塘區交通擠塞的方案研究報告李樹甘博士 Research Report
32018Rank tests for price convergence in Australian beverage marketsShum, Paul ; Dr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42017宗教與香港: 從融合到融洽林皓賢 ; 黃樂怡 Book
52017The diagnostic criteria of gambling disorder of DSM-5 in Chinese culture: By confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and item response theory (IRT)Chui, Wing-Yip ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Mok, Yuk-Lan ; Tsang, Chun Kei Book Chapter
62017Analysis of threshold cointegration with asymmetric adjustments in the Hong Kong grocery industryDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Shum, Paul Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72017提升青年競爭力: 軟技能與持續發展李樹甘博士 Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82016Competition or collusion in the Hong Kong grocery industry : analysis of threshold cointegration with asymmetric adjustmentsDr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Shum, Paul Working Paper
92016香港宗教與社區發展Research Report
102016Father involvement in Hong Kong: By multitrait-multimethod model and item response theory (IRT)Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Chui, Wing Yip ; Tsang, Chun Kei Peer Reviewed Journal Article
112015Increasing revenue and attendance in Canadian Baptist churchesDr. LEE Shu Kam ; Chan, Alan ; Fawcett, Bruce G. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
122014Evidence from asymmetric adjustment and causality between consumer and producer prices in the four selected European economies [electronic resource]Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Ng, Cho-yiu, Joe ; Dr. WOO Kai Yin Working Paper
132014Non-linear adjustments to intranational PPPDr. LEE Shu Kam ; Dr. WOO Kai Yin ; Chan, Alan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
142014Individual religious involvements in America across timeDr. LEE Shu Kam ; Chan, Alan Peer Reviewed Journal Article
152013Threshold adjustments to intranational PPP in Canada [electronic resource]Dr. WOO Kai Yin ; Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; Chan, Alan Working Paper
162013勞資矛盾的危機: 勞工政策與勞工短缺分析李樹甘博士 ; 吳祖堯 Book
172013香港零售業現時面對的困難, 局限, 優勢, 未來挑戰與提升香港零售業競爭力的策略研究報告Dr. LEE Shu Kam ; 林昊輝 Working Paper
182012Economic freedom and growthDr. LEE Shu Kam ; Dr. WOO Kai Yin ; Yeung, W. M., Raymond Working Paper
202012標準工時或彈性工時: 促進作息平衡的政策選擇Book

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TitlePrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Provision of services for developing case studies with data-response questions and conducting professional development programmes for enriching teachers' knowledge of recent economic developmentDr. LEE Shu Kam2020-2021
Exploration of political views of youths in Hong KongDr. LEE Shu Kam2019-2020
香港基督徒的靈命, 社會參與及心理健康的研究 = A study on Hong Kong Christians' social and religious participation and psychological well-beingDr. LEE Shu Kam2019-2020
Integrated waste management facilities - Phase I: Community impact assessmentDr. LEE Shu Kam2019
詠春的傳承與保育= The Legacy of Ving TsunDr. LEE Ka Man, Kaman; Dr. LEE Shu Kam2018-2019
Exploratory study of The Friends of Scouting Service effectiveness & service development of FOSDr. LEE Shu Kam2018-2019
智慧城市的發展 -- 改善觀塘區交通擠塞的方案 = Development of Smart City: Suggestions to improve the problem of traffic congestion in Kwun TongDr. LEE Shu Kam2017-2018
Adolescent prosocial tendency: Attachment & parent-teacher interaction mattersDr. LEE Shu Kam2017-2018
Nonlinear Cointegration and Relevant Market Definition: A Study of Grocery MarketsDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Religion and Community Development in Hong Kong - Teaching Support and Development ProgrammeDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Research/Study and Drawing up Practical Guides on Good People Management Practices to promote Family Friendly Employment in the Catering IndustryDr. LEE Shu Kam2014
Competitiveness of Youth in Hong KongDr. LEE Shu Kam2012
Understanding the Pillars of Hong Kong Economy – Tourism and Retail Sector – Interactive Learning ProgramDr. LEE Shu Kam2009
Parental involvement, peer effects and adolescents' developmentDr. LEE Shu Kam
Survey on food insecurity and life satisfaction on the poor living in Sham Shui PoDr. LEE Shu Kam