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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12018A fundamental question about the application of high-density electroencephalography and time-series analysis in examining synchronous networks during sleep -- Does the use of different referencing and data preprocessing methods really matter?Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Article
22018Examining dense-array electroencephalographic networks during sleep -- Partial or non-partial correlations?Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Article
32016Biological psychologyDr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
42016Consciousness: How we perceive and become aware of our worldDr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
52016Learning and memory: How do we learn and retain new knowledge?Dr. LI Wang On, Alex Book Chapter
62015The perception of time while perceiving dynamic emotionalDr. LI Wang-on, Alex ; Yuen, Kenneth S. L. Article
72015A basic need theory approach to problematic Internet use and the mediating effect of psychological distressDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Yuen, Kenneth S. L. ; Wong, Ting Yat Article
82012Difficulty and burden experienced by principal family caregivers of people with intellectual disabilities in Hong KongDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin ; Fan, Tak Wing Article
92012Diagnostic characteristics of care receivers with intellectual disabilities and the difficulty and burden experienced by family caregiversDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Fan, Tak Wing ; Dr. YU Kai Ching, Calvin Article
102009Background motion and the perception of shape defined by illusory contoursDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Khuu, Sieu K. ; Hayes, Anthony Article
112009Recruitment of a novel cue for active control depends on control dynamicsDr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Saunders, Jeffrey A. ; Li, Li Article
122008Distortion in perceived image size accompanies flash lag in depthLee, Terence C. P. ; Khuu, Sieu K. ; Dr. LI Wang On, Alex ; Hayes, Anthony Article

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NameVenueStart DateEnd DateType
Neurophysiological Techniques in Decision Making: tDCS in Moral Judgment ResearchRLG 302, Research Complex, HKSYU21-12-201721-12-2017Seminar