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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12001文學文化與詮譯王建元教授 Book
22001香港法律與實務: 中國內地/香港婚姻法實務趙文宗博士 ; 李秀華 ; 林滿馨 Book
32001韓孟詩派闡微李卓藩博士 Book
42001曈曨Dr. FU Wai Book
52001夢想號爸媽自學快車: 給學齡兒童的爸媽.成長篇劉超敏 ; 廖佩芳 Research Report
62001An empirical investigation of price and exchange rate bubbles during the interwar European hyperinflationsDr. LEE Shu Kam ; Dr. WOO Kai Yin ; Chan Hing-lin Working Paper
72001The readiness of launching on-line securities trading service in Hong KongHON Tai Yuen, Kurt ; Hon, David Working Paper
82001大武舞考魯士春博士 Book
92001Firms, governments and economic change: An entrepreneurial perspectiveProf. YU Fu Lai, Tony Book
102001丁西林喜劇作品欣賞沈惠英博士 Book