Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip

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Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip
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Research Interests
Services contract
Regulatory technology and legal philosophy
Wong, P.
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Teaching Interests
Business Law, Contract law, Tort

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
12022Public-private partnerships for transit-oriented development: A case study on the potential of Hobart, AustraliaDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Leung, Derek ; Lai, Joseph Conference Paper
22022Building information modelling (BIM): Insights from collaboration and legal perspectivesDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Lai, Joseph Conference Paper
32022Importance of hospital facilities management performance indicators: Building practitioner's perspectivesLai, Joseph H.K. ; Hou, Huiying (Cynthia) ; Chiu, Betty W.Y. ; Edwards, David ; Yuen, P.L. ; Sing, Michael ; Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42021Analytic evaluation of facilities performance from the user perspective: case study on a badminton hallShi, Wenchao ; Lai, Joseph H.K ; Chau, C.K ; Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Edwards, David Peer Reviewed Journal Article
52021On the Property Management Services Ordinance of Hong Kong: Concerns and implicationsDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Lai, Joseph Peer Reviewed Journal Article
62019粵港澳大灣區: 建議發展的領域和相關的研究項目司徒志文 ; 鄭會友 ; 黃溢能博士 Book Chapter
72018Occupier liability in the 21st century workspaceDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Lai, Joseph Other Article
82016Demand-wise Coach Services for Hotel Industry: A Structured Approach to Outsourcing and Sharing DecisionsDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Leung, Derek, W.C. ; Wong, Billy. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
92013Portfolio Performance Benchmarking With Data Development AnalysisDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip ; Leung, S.C. ; Gilleard, J.D. Peer Reviewed Journal Article
102007Facility management benchmarking : measuring performances using multi-attribute decision toolsDr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip Other Article
112004Benchmarking facility management: applying analytic hierarchy processJohn D. Gilleard ; Dr. WONG Yat-Lung, Philip Peer Reviewed Journal Article