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12023The role of Yamazumi chart in lean standardisation: modelling and analysis using performance loss functionIr. Dr. CHAN Chi On ; Lau, Henry ; Fan, Youqing Peer Reviewed Journal Article
22020Implementing IoT-adaptive fuzzy neural network model enabling service for supporting fashion retailIr. Dr. CHAN Chi On ; Lau, H. C. W. ; Fan, Youqing Conference Paper
32018Combining lean tools application in kaizen: A field study on the printing industryIr. Dr. CHAN Chi On ; Tay, Huay Ling Peer Reviewed Journal Article
42018IoT data acquisition in fashion retail application: Fuzzy logic approachIr. Dr. CHAN Chi On ; Lau, H. C. W. ; Fan, Youqing Conference Paper
52017College students' online purchase intention in big data eraIr. Dr. CHAN Chi On ; Liu, Ou ; Shi, Zhonghui ; Chong, Woonkian ; Man, Ka-Lok Book Chapter
62017Developing information sharing model using cloud computing and smart devices for SMEs supply chain: A case in fashion retailDr. CHAN Chi On ; SZETO Wing Fu, Ricky ; Liu, Owen Peer Reviewed Journal Article
72017Effective root cause analysis: Problem nature and tools integrative approachDr. CHAN Chi On Peer Reviewed Journal Article
82017Multi-objective portfolio optimization in stock marketDing, Yuan ; Liu, Ou ; Yao, Yiwei ; Ir. Dr. CHAN Chi On Other Article
92016Social network analysis using big dataLiu, Ou ; Man, K. L. ; Chong, W. ; Ir. Dr. CHAN Chi On Conference Paper
102016The application of big data analytics in business worldLiu, Ou ; Chong, W. K. ; Man, K. L. ; Ir. Dr. CHAN Chi On Conference Paper

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