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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)DepartmentType
2012Eco-ethics literature and culture : a comparative study of Gary Snyder's ecocriticism and asian philosophy, literature and artsNg, Ting Yan Department of English Language & LiteratureThesis
2017Eczema and anxiety : eczema and psychological symptoms of anxiety in chronicLee, Ling Yee Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2007The education reform in secondary school and the cohesion of teachers陳敏雯 Department of SociologyThesis
2017The effect of academic resilience and academic self-efficacy on achievement emotion, and psychological well-beingKo, Tsz Chung Brian Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2008The effect of CEO and chairman compensation on listing firm performance in Hong Kong陳穎聯 Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2017The effect of Chinese writing script on Hong Kong Chinese's evaluations on their identityCheung, Sin Yin Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2020The effect of cultural education on second language learning : specific focus on Korean honorifie learningPark, Jungman Thesis
2013The effect of emotional intelligence and existential intelligence on function of identity and subjective well-beingLi, Yu-hin Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2015The effect of filial piety and parental psychological control on family harmony as perceived by Hong Kong young adultsLam, Ho Yi Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017The effect of green-red colour on creative performance in individuals with approach or avoidance motivation tendency and different dream intensityPang, Cheuk Wing Adelaide Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2013The effect of helping decision on the level of empathy concern and attention to victim's informationLam, Chi Ho Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2019The effect of Karate training on the stereotypic behaviour, social interaction and communication of the children with Autism Spectrum DisorderYip, Yick Hong Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2014The effect of mate retention tactics and intimacy relationship on menstrual cycle regularity among girls in Hong KongPang, Kit Yan Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2018Effect of mindful attention program on Hong Kong students with special educational needs : a mixed-methods studyWong, Yuk Lam, Cindy. Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2012Effect of parenting styles and beliefs about play on parental preferences for play activitiesLo, Man-Chung, Sonia Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017Effect of tempo in Mozart effect on arousal, mood and cognitive performanceLam, Hiu Yan Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2020The effectiveness of hope in the enhancement of psychological well-being among Hong Kong emerging adulthoodWong, Ching Shan Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis
2017The effects of culture on entrepreneurial innovation : a comparative study of Japan, China, and the United States林雅婷 ; Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Dept. of Economics and Finance Department of Economics and FinanceThesis
2012The effects of mothers' employment on the family and children in Hong KongLeung, Yuk Ying Department of Social WorkThesis
2014Effects of need for uniqueness on within-group relationshipChan, Lai Hang Department of Counselling and PsychologyThesis