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TitleDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
'One Belt, One River': Maritime and Inland River Trade in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces (1897–1926) = 一帶一河: 廣東及廣西兩省海洋及內河貿易Department of HistoryDr. CHOI Sze Hang, Henry2017/18
Online face-to-face psychotherapy experience of psychotherapist trainees and clients under the COVID-19 crisis: An exploratory qualitative studyDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. PANG Lan-sze2020-2022
Oral History and Teaching Materials Project for Lamma IslandDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Oral History for Eastern DistrictDepartment of HistoryDr. LO Wing Sang; Dr. AU Chi Kin2012
The Oral History for the Lamma IslandDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Oral History of Yaumatei Fruit MarketDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2011
Oral history project on Mr. Lau Wong FatDepartment of HistoryDr. LO Wing Sang; Prof. CHEUNG Wai Kwok2011
Parental involvement, peer effects and adolescents' developmentDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam
Participants' physiological and behavioural responses to evaluative and facilitative mediation narratives = 評估式和促進式調解敘事方法對參與者生理及行為反應的差異Department of Law and BusinessDr. LUI Chit Ying, Wendy2019-2020
People without identity: Exploring the social experiences of asylum seekers in Hong Kong = 沒有身份的人: 在香港尋求庇護人士的生活經驗Department of SociologyDr. LAU Pui Yan, Flora2016-2017
Phenomenology : a multidisciplinary dialogueDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. FU Wai2016
Pictorial History of Kowloon Chamber of CommerceDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2014
Positive Neuroscience: A Dialogue Between Scientists and PractitionersDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2017
Posttreatment life planning and relapse prevention: An effectiveness study of an integrative model of vocational life design for young rehabilitated drug abusersDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. ZHOU Dehui, Ruth2019-2021
Preparing for the launching of Esports: An interdisciplinary and holistic perspective in prevention of teenage gaming addiction problem based on Bronfenbrenner's Bioecological model in the era of EsportsDepartment of Applied Data ScienceDr. YUEN Man-Ching, Connie2021-2023
Preparing students for NSS from a career development perspective
Project for the Documentation of Bukit Brown and Seh Ong CemeteriesDepartment of SociologyDr. HUI Yew-Foong2011
Property Distribution and Community Life in Rural Land Development: the New Urban Frontier of Western ChinaDepartment of SociologyDr. SONG Jing2014
Provision of services for developing case studies with data-response questions and conducting professional development programmes for enriching teachers' knowledge of recent economic developmentDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2020-2021
Quality transition strategies facilitating the transition from teenage to adulthood for persons with intellectual disabilities and their family carers = 協助智障青少年過渡至成人就業服務的優質策略研究Department of Social WorkDr. MO Yuen-han, Kitty2022-2023