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TitleDepartmentPrincipal InvestigatorFunding Year
Investigating the dynamic relations of the six self-compassion components with academic stress across Chinese primary, secondary, and university students in Hong Kong: A longitudinal study = 以縱向研究探討自我關懷的六個元素與本港華人大中小學生的學習壓力的動態關聯Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHAN Chi Keung, Alex2021-2022
Is social media a distraction or an enhancement for organisations? A social media and team creativity model (SMTCM)Department of Business AdministrationDr. CUI Xiling, Celine2016
Is time perception band-pass filtered? An examination of the aftereffect of time adaptation with rTMS = 時間感知是否會因應時間長短而有所不同?使用rTMS研究時間適應的後效應Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. LI Wang On, Alex2020-2021
Job search behavior of degree students in self-financing institutions: Impact of career exploration and career adaptabilityDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. CHEUNG Wai Leung, Raysen2017-2018
Mapping Diasporic Networks: The Case of the Indonesian Chinese = 映射流散網絡: 以印尼華僑華人為例Department of SociologyDr. HUI Yew-Foong2015
Mapping the grey digital divide and diversity in older ICT users post-COVID: A mixed-method research informing service and policy development = 測繪後疫情的長者數碼鴻溝及資訊科技用戶多樣性:協助制定服務及政策發展的混合研究Department of Counselling & PsychologyDr. LAU Hi Po, Bobo2022-2023
Market research and study on the utilization of private housing resourcesDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2017-2018
A Market research and study on the utilization of subsidized housing resourcesDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2017-2018
The mechanism of textual production and the poetic significance of the woodblock prints of selection of Tang poetry in the Edo period = 江戶時代《唐詩選》和刻本的文本生成與詩學意義Department of Chinese Language and LiteratureDr. HUI Kin Yip2021-2022
The missing link: An investigation of Moism, the School of Names, and the School of Diplomats, and their place in the history of ancient Chinese psychologyDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. FU Wai2015
Modern Economic Relations between Macao and Hong KongDepartment of HistoryProf. MO Shixiang2012
Nonlinear Cointegration and Relevant Market Definition: A Study of Grocery MarketsDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LEE Shu Kam2015
Ocular behaviour, construction hazard awareness and an AI chatbotDepartment of Economics and FinanceDr. LI Yi Man, Rita2018/19
'One Belt, One River': Maritime and Inland River Trade in Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces (1897–1926) = 一帶一河: 廣東及廣西兩省海洋及內河貿易Department of HistoryDr. CHOI Sze Hang, Henry2017/18
Online face-to-face psychotherapy experience of psychotherapist trainees and clients under the COVID-19 crisis: An exploratory qualitative studyDepartment of Counselling & PsychologyDr. PANG Lan-sze2020-2022
Oral History and Teaching Materials Project for Lamma IslandDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Oral History for Eastern DistrictDepartment of HistoryDr. LO Wing Sang; Dr. AU Chi Kin2012
The Oral History for the Lamma IslandDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2015
Oral History of Yaumatei Fruit MarketDepartment of HistoryDr. AU Chi Kin2011
Oral history project on Mr. Lau Wong FatDepartment of HistoryDr. LO Wing Sang; Prof. CHEUNG Wai Kwok2011