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Title: A longitudinal study investigating disordered eating during the transition to motherhood among Chinese women in Hong Kong
Authors: Lai, Beatrice Pui-yee 
Prof. TANG So Kum, Catherine 
Tse, Winni Kwok Lai 
Issue Date: 2006
Source: International Journal of Eating Disorders, May 2006, vol. 39(4), pp. 303-311.
Journal: International Journal of Eating Disorders 
Abstract: Objective: The current longitudinal study explored the prevalence and psychosocial factors of disordered eating among new Chinese mothers in Hong Kong. Method: Self-report questionnaires on bulimic symptoms and pregnancy-related factors were collected at both prenatal and postnatal periods from 131 Chinese women. Results: Participants reported significantly more severe disordered eating in the postnatal than in the prenatal period, with percentages being 19.08% and 8.4%, respectively, using the Eating Disorder Inventory-2. Results revealed that prenatal disordered eating, weak maternal-fetal attachment, a low level of instrumental spousal support during pregnancy, postnatal depressive symptoms, and a poor mother-infant relationship were significantly related to disordered eating at 6 months postchildbirth. Conclusion: Findings suggested that the transition to motherhood is a period of stress that may either precipitate or exacerbate disordered eating.
Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Article
ISSN: 0276-3478
DOI: 10.1002/eat.20266
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